“Often, parenting is that of being a player-coach. Since you’ve been in this game of life for a while longer, you can provide your kids with valuable support simply by living life and being yourself in front of them. Here are some areas in which you can model a healthy approach to life:”

  • Encourage and model healthy problem-solving.
  • Encourage and model healthy communication. (Use “I” statements whenever possible, so you’re describing your thoughts and feelings and not putting the listener on the defensive.)
  • Practice releasing control of things that are not under your control.
  • Model and normalize imperfection. For example, if the cake you baked sank in the middle, say, “Oh well, it will still taste good.”
  • Show unconditional love and affection.
  • Embrace failure as normal, and teach perseverance. Let your kids know when you fail at something, and show them how you handle it in a healthy way. Let them see you try again.
  • Maintain a strong community with other believers.
  • Model searching Scripture for wisdom and direction.
  • Maintain a strong marriage, but let your kids see that you’re also an individual apart from your spouse, with your own talents, skills, and interests.