“Here are warning signs of anxiety:”

  1. Worry, edginess, jumpiness, or tense stomach sensations occur more days than not and persist for several months.
  2. Muscle tension tends to be a consistent problem.
  3. Concentration is difficult, when not the norm for this child.
  4. Anxiety seems to be excessive for the present situation.
  5. Anxiety is focused on a possible future situation that may or may not occur.
  6. It’s difficult for the child to control or contain worried thoughts or feelings.
  7. Nontypical disturbances in sleep occur (restlessness, difficulty falling or staying asleep).
  8. A child is easily fatigued for no physically apparent reason.
  9. Physical and/or emotional symptoms cause significant impairment in social, academic, or other important areas of functioning.


Be aware that introverted kids don’t always show signs of anxiety through their outward behaviour. Where they’re concerned, parents may need to take a closer look.