“There are some issues parents can manage themselves, addiction is not one of them, you need to get professional help.”

Addiction is a complicated problem, when someone has an addiction their brain physically craves the substance or thing. An alcoholic once said, “When my addiction was at its worst, if I was standing on a cliff, with my son in one hand and a beer in another, I would drop my son before I would drop the beer.”

Addiction can take over an entire person and all morals go out the window.

The best strategy is to get help as soon as possible, you don’t need to wait until someone wakes up in the gutter before you get help. If you need advice about where to start the national addictions helpline is a good place to start.


Call the Alcohol Drug Helpline on 0800 787 797

Free txt 8681 and we will txt you back for a free, confidential conversation

Call our Māori Line on 0800 787 798 for advice and referral to kaupapa Māori services

Call our Pasifika Line on 0800 787 799 for advice and referral to services developed for Pacific people